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Press on the Oldest Steel in Europe and its use on the Stelae by the University of Freiburg

A study by an international and interdisciplinary team headed by Freiburg archaeologist Dr. Ralph Araque Gonzalez from the Faculty of Humanities has proven that steel tools were already in use in Europe around 2900 years ago. Using geochemical analyses, the researchers were able to prove that stone stelae on the Iberian peninsula that date back to the Final Bronze Age feature complex engravings that could only have been done using tempered steel. This was backed up by metallographic analyses of an iron chisel from the same period and region (Rocha do Vigio, Portugal, ca. 900 BCE) that showed the necessary carbon content to be proper steel.



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Stahl bereits vor 2.900 Jahren in Europa in Gebrauch

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Stahl bereits vor 2.900 Jahren in Europa in Gebrauch

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